Frank Prince


As a speaker, author and innovation guru, Frank has 27 years of new revenue generation work driving results through innovation in organizations. Clients include many Fortune 100 firms including Time Inc., Proctor & Gamble, Perrier, PepsiCo, Kellogg’s, Yahoo, Bayer, Nabisco and the Star Tribune among others. These brands utilize Frank for the creation and implementation of their long and short term strategic plans, developing idea factories to implement innovation in manufacturing and sales and to facilitate their executive leadership team meetings.


He has personally written more than 30 published books and articles. His success in creating organizational innovation has led to many co-authored books with leading-edge business thinkers. Frank’s latest book, GPS for Success, was co-authored by Stephen Covey (Seven Habits of Highly Effective People), Dr John Grey (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus), and Les Brown (Live Your Dreams).


Prince has a wealth of experience he brings to any business by teaching and facilitating Strategic Planning, Implementing Innovation, Presentation Skills, Advanced Communication Skills, One on One Executive Development, Facilitation of Executive Team Strategic Sessions and Leadership.


Frank’s passion for understanding innovation led him to work with the Center for Research in Applied Creativity (Ontario, Canada) as a consultant and researcher. He served as an adjunct instructor for the Center for Creative Leadership (Greensboro, NC) and as an adjunct professor for George Fox University (Newberg, Oregon) teaching “Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.” He also worked with the Manchester Business School developing a Creativity and Innovation Management process.


One Ball One Village

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In 2009, Frank became a Founding Partner for One Ball One Village. Frank Prince’s ability to think far outside the box has helped this charity grow into more that what it started off with. Starting from a simple kind gesture of giving soccer balls to a pastor in Arusha, Tanzania became a full on charity dedicated to provide clean water, education, and build a sense of community through soccer.

Creative Education Foundation

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Frank Prince considered a renaissance man to some and the Dalai Lama to others, has spent his life transforming individuals through the use of creative thinking skills, neural linguistics and applied imagination.

He lives his life as an extreme adventure and sees every step he takes forward as entering into a field of unlimited possibilities.

Books Authored

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Frank has written over 30 books and articles about the field of creativity and innovation in business. A few of Prince’s books include GPS For Success: Goals and Proven Strategies, Stepping Stones to Success, and Blueprint for Success. Creator of Speed Sleep, NBC News decided to test Frank Prince's discovery. They concluded it's an effective way to get a useful power nap.