Political Correctness Shift for 2017 – Can We Free Golf Once and for All?

WASHINGTON - APRIL  24:  In this handout from the White House, U.S. President Barack Obama and U.S. Vice President  Joe Biden putt on the White House putting green April 24, 2009. in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Pete Souza/White House via Getty Images)

14 Nov Political Correctness Shift for 2017 – Can We Free Golf Once and for All?

Question: What do Presidents Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump have in common

Answer: They all love to play golf – no doubt about it!

So as we peacefully transfer power from one Golfer-in-Chief to another (cue up the Masters soundtrack), can we finally free our leaders to talk about golf and why they love to play?

I’m really focused on my Democratic friends, especially President Obama. Mr. President, from what I can see you would be happy hitting golf balls with friends on an open field with a shag bag if given the opportunity. You love to play, but you never really told us why, in your own words, during eight years in office. You are free now ( you even made it to Bill Maher’s show). Tell us how playing golf gives you joy, relief, exercise, camaraderie with friends and even frenemies.

President Clinton, you can let it go, too. I see Hillary taking walks with her dog after the the tough election. Get our your clubs, give some buddies a call, then tell us about it.

And, finally, President-elect Trump. Yes, you truly love golf. You build great golf courses and have tremendous (even HUGE) passion for the game, which I have seen firsthand during a meeting with you in your pre-Oval Office at Trump Tower. Please help end the silence and remind us that the many benefits of playing golf are not something to be quiet about.

It’s OK to play golf. It’s a game for everyone. Let’s end the silence.

This view posted by Dick Raskopf who is Co Founder of Innovation Strategy Group. Connect with him on Linkedin by clicking here.